Dripex punching bag with metal springs attached to the bottom, a base and a bag of hardware including screws and suction cups. The instructions say that the base must be filled with sand or water. I filled the base with sand to provide a more stable foundation, which is the recommended option. Once filled with sand, the base, with suction cups screwed into the bottom, stays stationary and I’m not able to move it myself so I strongly recommend putting the bag where you want it to be before filling with sand. Assembly was very quick and straightforward with the hardware included. The whole setup appears durable so should last a long time.

Great freestanding punching bag-Dripex

Inside the punchbag base package you can found 12 suction cups (that can be attached to the bottom of the base and are very useful if you need to secure the punchbag inside your home but you may not fit them since I put it in my garage) and bolts / wrench (to be used to assemble the punchbag)
Once assembled the punchbag is abou 175/180 cm high.

 Perfect for your home gym, from aerobic session to martial arts hands/feet basic conditioning.