Yoleo Adjustable Dip Bar- 500lbs

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About this item

  • 💪【STABLE& STURDY】 YOLEO dip bars are designed for increased stability and quality. Featuring 500lbs weight capacity and double safety connector, it is perfect for a home gym, or a secondary dip station in a commercial gym. Instead of two free components, two safety stabilizers adjoin them at the floor to prevent slip and wobbling. This is the most unique and excellent design than other competitors.
  • 💪【DURABLE & COMFORTABLE】 The entire YOLEO body press bars are made of heavy-duty steel in a 1.5mm thick tube that is durable enough to last for years to come. The material of padded handles is density foam which comfortably accommodates every hand and keeps the body in a balanced position. Coming with great painting, YOLEO challenger bars were shown in a luxurious appearance.
  • 💪【ADJUSTABLE& FUNCTIONAL】 Adjustment and versatility of dual bars are the main benefits of this parallette set. The height and width are adjustable in case of several exercises that work with higher bar heights. This dip rack allows for the performance of multiple exercises from a variety of angles so the users can do dips, rows, leg-ups, or back exercises like reverse push-ups.
  • 💪【SIMPLE& CONCISE】 The simple construction of this parallel bars are also our strong point. This dip stand is easy setup, effortless transport, and it takes minimal space to use. The dip station can be moved quickly to create a workout opportunity anywhere. It is also easy to assemble With a little space, it only takes a few minutes to put it together or take it apart.
  • 💪【QUALITY GUARANTEED】 YOLEO adjustable dip bars are approved products. If you encounter any problem or need further support, please feel free to contact us through E-mail or Amazon directly. We offer free replacement service anytime and for any reason.

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Why Choose YOLEO Dip Bars?

YOLEO is a fitness equipment brand that aims to produce effective and affordable fitness bars for the home gym. This dip stand is easy to use, carry and fold. Made of quality materials that offer 500 lbs weight capacity and featuring a simple design, this exercise bar allows a few exercises to be performed. Users can perform tricep and chest dips, body-weight rows, as well as knee, raises on the YOLEO workout equalizer. Given the reasonable cost, YOLEO dip machine offers great value.

  • Max Weight Capacity: 500lbs
  • Special Features: Adjustable height and width; Double safety connector; Versatility of dual bars
  • Adjustment Range: 35''- 41'' of width; 30.7''- 35.43'' of height
  • Suitable Levels: Beginner to professional
  • 6 Levels Height Adjustment
  • 3 Levels Width Adjustment
  • Multiple Exercises of Functional Design
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Non-slip Cap
  • Space saving
Adjustment Design
Adjustment Design
  • 3 levels height: 30.7''- 35.43''
  • 6 levels width: 35''- 41''
  • Suitable for different workout situations
Double Safety Connector
Double Safety Connector
  • Features double safety connector to take more heavyweight loads.
  • Works well both at home gym and outdoor workouts.
  • Reduce the stress and pressure to make workout steadier and bring true safety to the user.
Product details
Product details
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Gross weight: 24.3lbs
  • Net weight: 20.2lbs
  • Item dimensions: 28.7"x 35"x 31"
  • Package dimensions: 31.4"x 23.6"x 4.7"
Space Saving
Space Saving
  • YOLEO dip bars can be stored in any room, garage or boot of the car.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Suitable for different home styles.

Different Exercises with Yoleo Dip Bars

  • Emphasize the muscles of the triceps.
  • Lower the body by bending your arms. Lean your torso slightly forward.
Leg Raises
Leg Raises
  • Work the abdominal muscles
  • With the arms and back straight, raise the legs until they are parallel to the floor.
  • Lower the legs straight and dangle them toward the floor to complete one rep.
Reverse Push up
Reverse Push up
  • Be effective for the muscles of the chest and shoulders.
  • Grab one bar with both hands, palms up and shoulder-width apart. Then bend the elbows out the sides and bring the chest toward the bar.
Russian push up
Russian push up
  • Target for the muscles of the shoulder and chest.
  • Place the hands shoulder-width apart on one bar and put the legs on another bar then bend the elbows and bring the chest toward the bar.
  • Press your body back to the starting position to complete one rep.


When you begin your fitness program, please keep these tips in mind:
  • Start slowly and build up gradually. Give yourself plenty of time to warm up and cool down with easy walking or gentle stretching. As your stamina improves, gradually increase the amount of time you exercise.
  • Break things up if you have to. You don't have to do all your exercise at one time. Exercising in short sessions a few times a day may fit into your schedule better than a single 30-minute session.
  • Listen to your body. If you feel pain, shortness of breath, dizziness or nausea, take a break. You may be pushing yourself too hard.
  • Monitor your progress. If you lose motivation, set new goals or try a new activity.


  • People who have pre-existing conditions as high blood pressure, stroke, fused vertebrae, extreme obesity, detached retinas, or pregnancy should consult a doctor before exercise on the dip bars.

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