Dripex Garden Composter, Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter, 160 l Composters Rotating Tumbling Large Compost Bins Outdoor ,BPA Free, Create Fertile Soil, Aerating Compost Tumbler Bin, Black

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  • ✔ EASIER AND ClEANER -The easily rotatable compost gives gardening enthusiasts greater convenience! The compost tumbler design just needs you to rotate it without effort, avoiding digging and mixing your compost pile by hands, making the fertilizer mix more evenly. you only need to do is open the easy-sliding door, add your scraps, and turn the bin 5-6 times every few days.
  • ✔ DUAL CHAMBER COMPOST TUMBLER - The dual chamber rotating composter allows you to add fresh compost ingredients to one side while waiting for the other side to solidify. Thus, two sides are constantly swapped to continuously produce rich and healthy compost in the short term. And it can put different raw materials to save time while getting different nutrients.
  • ✔ MULTI-DIRECTIONAL SMALL VENT - MULTI-DIRECTIONAL SMALL VENT - Aeration ports and deep fins help improve air circulation, break up the clumps in the chamber better, and the PP black panels absorb and retain heat for a better conversion environment for compost,Shorten your composting time.
  • ✔ MADE OF NON-TOXIC DURABLE PLASTIC - Our rotating compost bin is made of durable BPA-free recycled plastic to ensure that the fertilizer will not be mixed with toxic substances and affect the composting effect. It has stronger hardness and high-temperature resistance and is not easily degraded in the sun. The powder-coated metal frame is also strong and corrosion-resistant.
  • ✔ ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND RECYCLE - The powder-coated steel frame provides a sturdy base for the tumbling compost bin. The height is also convenient for composting. Through composting, you get to recycle kitchen waste and do your part in reducing landfill waste. We are also equipped with special gloves to help you compost, come and create a beautiful garden!
  • ❤Note:If you have any questions, please contact us by email, we will give you a satisfactory solution.

Product Description

gardenline tumbling composter

Perfect compost

dual chamber compost tumbler

Warm Tips


  • Do not fill the compost too full to avoid uneven mixing and affect the compost effect
  • If it is convenient, cut the raw materials smaller, which is more conducive to composting
  • Do not put non-degradable items and metal-containing items into the compost bucket to avoid contaminating the fertilizer
  • Add some coffee grounds, tea residue, soil, chaff, bacteria, etc., to speed up the composting efficiency and also absorb the liquid produced during composting.


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