Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine for Home Use, Super Silent Indoor Rower with 15-Level Adjustable Resistance, Double Aluminum Sliding Rail, LCD Monitor Fit for Home Gym, Cardio & Strength Training

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  • ➽【Original & Ergonomic Design】: Dripex Indoor Rowing Machine is not only precisely engineered, but its ergonomic body also makes it sleek and sophisticated so it will complement any room it’s placed in and not look out of place. Additionally, it can be stored upright and the screen can be folded for convenience. This is a great benefit when comparing a rowing machine to a treadmill for example.
  • ➽【15 Magnetic Resistance Adjustment】: Using Dripex Rowing Machine is a great way to improve your overall health, plus it's low impact and easy for joints, which fits all ages and fitness levels. Through adjustable resistance mechanisms, users are able to achieve ideal training effectiveness according to their personal physical condition; no matter cardio exercise or strength training, Dripex can fulfill your exercise goals
  • ➽【Super Silent Aluminum Sliding Frame】: Unlike other rowers in the market, our Dripex Rowing machine is marked by its unique double aluminum railway, making it super smooth and silent when doing rowing workout at home. Also, with a shock absorber underneath the sliding rail, it further helps in providing an undisturbed environment for any indoor exerciser. Perfectly fit for home gym exercise.
  • ➽【Multi-Purpose Home Gym Equipment】: With Dripex, you’re getting a high-quality rowing machine. Rowing is a fantastic cardio and strength training workout that works several major muscle groups (chest, core, abs, glutes, upper body, and lower body), you’re building strength while simultaneously burning calories, burning twice as many calories as cycling, with far less stress and impact on your joints.
  • ➽【Reassurance & Trustworthy Product】: Dripex Home Rowing Machine is a piece of trustworthy product, not only offering an accessible way to exercise, especially at home; but also 100% thoughtful and considerate of A/S customer services. No worries about the purchase.

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Home Use Magnetic Rowing Machine

Home Use Magnetic Rowing Machine

By Dripex

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine is an incredible home use rowing machine designed to complement a total home gym. No matter what your reason to choose an indoor rower, we are sure you’ll find Dripex home rowing machine to be a priceless asset in achieving your health and wellness goals.

A top quality rower, like Dripex, is one that is generally constructed from top-quality materials and contain the latest design and construction.

  • Resistance System: 15-level Magnetic Resistance
  • Max Weight Capacity: 265 lbs/120 kg
  • Suggested User’s Height: Up to 6’2
  • G. W/N.W: 60.63 lbs/72.75 lbs
  • Expand Size: 70.47’*20.81’*30.04’
  • Material: Steel& Aluminum & PU feather
  • Flywheel Weight: 6.6 lbs/3 kg
  • Double Aluminum Sliding Rail
  • 15 Adjustable Magnetic resistance levels
  • Upright Storage for Space-Saving
  • 3D Cushioning Seat
  • Monitor Display for Time/Distance/Count/Total Count/Calories
  • Fit for Full Body Workout & Home Fitness


15-Level Adjustable Resistance
15-Level Adjustable Resistance

Easy operation. With a simple twist, you can are able to customize your personal workout plan accurately; so that your rowing workout can fulfill challenging and effective at the same time.

Non-slip Handlebar
Non-slip Handlebar

Durable textured handlebar not only provides anti-slip grip for consistent use; but also increased endurance and comfort in every rowing workout.

Adjustable Straps & Pedals
Adjustable Straps & Pedals

The length of the foot straps and the angle of the pedal pad are both adjustable and can be adapted to users of different ages and different body types. It ensures the stability in movement.

Sturdy Rear Stabilizer
Sturdy Rear Stabilizer

With the special triangle design, the rear part of the rowing machine firmly support and offers sturdiness for the users while rowing. Also, the adjustable metal pads beneath allows accommodation to different surface if necessary.

Adaptable Monitor Holder
Adaptable Monitor Holder

The monitor holder is not fixed. It is available for personal adjustment according to individual sight line. When it needs to be stored, folds the screen and slides it away. Super convenient.

Unique Shock Absorber & Double Sliders
Unique Shock Absorber & Double Sliders

The shock absorber in between is aimed to reduce the pressure and distribute impact. Its double aluminum slider brings the most quiet rowing machine ever. Cannot be more suitable for home use.



Using Your Rower Correctly

  • Remember to start off every workout with a 5-10 minute warm up and cool down.
  • Start with a low resistance level to make sure you’re comfortable, then increase resistance as needed.
  • Sit on the seat and secure your feet on the pads.
  • You don’t want to be rowing without shoes on or wearing clothes that are too baggy as the fabric can get caught between the seat and the beam it slides on.
  • For the “catch”, keep the back very straight with arms extended while holding the bar or handles of the rower.
  • For the “drive” phase, push off in a controlled motion, powering through your heels into the pads and straightening your legs. Pull the cable toward your chest, but don’t worry about pulling it all the way in.
  • At the “finish”, your legs are fully extended, shoulders back, and the bar pulled near the upper chest with wrists straight, not curled.
  • On the return or “recovery”, allow your arms to straighten and your knees to bend. The recovery is where your core muscles such as abs and lower back can get a good, safe workout so keep them engaged.

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